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Professional Detailing Service – £105 to £145*

All machines are thoroughly cleaned using a combination of detailing brushes and cleaning tools, together with a full degrease of wheels, engine and all ancillaries followed by a bike specific contactless PH neutral snow foam pre-wash, full hand wash and rinse using the "Safe two bucket wash technique". This is further followed by an application of Moto Valets own blended de-watering anti corrosion treatment together with weather protection and lastly finished off with an application of quality bike specific polish, show glaze and a polymer based paint sealant to leave your bike spotlessly clean. Moto Valet use a combination of Pro Care de-watering and rust inhibiting products along with ACF50, Poor Boys World Professional Detailing products and Ducksmart Silicon Detailer & Protection Spray.

  • Large Bike - Cruiser, Adventure Bike, Sports Tourer – £125
  • Medium Bike - Sports/Supersports – £115
  • Trike – £145
  • Commuter/Scooter/Moped – £105
  • Everything Else – P.O.A.
  • Paint Correction & Ceramic Sealing Service – £200

    Over time a combination of incorrect washing techniques and inferior products can cause surface scratching, swirl marks and discolouration. Motorcycle paint unlike car paint is much thinner and requires the appropriate care to preserve the finish.

    Using a specialist paint cleaner, two stage polish and a Ceramic sealant can restore your bikes shine and provide locked  in protection from bird lime, atmospheric and environmental contaminants along with protection from sun fade for up to three year. Firstly, the paintwork is thoroughly cleaned using a specialist stage one paint cleaner which removes all residues from previous waxes together with surface blemishes and other contaminants. Finally an application of creamic sealant is applied to give unrivalled protection against, road salt, traffic film, acid rain, dirt and grime. The hydrophobic water run off properties after treatment are truly amazing!

    *Prices are based on work carried out within twenty miles of B90 post code area in the West Midlands. Everywhere else will incur additional travel costs at 0.80 per mile (one way). Please email for further details or call 07854 856640 (24 Hour Voicemail).

    All prices quoted on this site are inclusive of VAT and are for guidance only and are subject to change on final inspection. Payment terms: Initial non refundable deposit of £40.00 at time of booking via BACS with balance in cleared funds by cash, Paypal or BACS same day bank transfer on completion of your valet. We do not accept cheques and currently cannot process credit or debit card payments.

    To book your Moto Valet – Call 07854 856640 (24 Hour Voicemail) or email us.


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